Powers and Duties Powers and Duties


The Ministry of Construction

1. The Ministry of construction shall have the powers and duties to:

a) Without prejudice to the powers given by law to other organs, set and follow up the compliance of standards for construction works;

b) Create conducive conditions for the development of internationally competitive construction industry;

c) Provide necessary support in the preparation of designs and contract documents and also supervision for building constructions financed by the Federal Government;

d) register and issue certificates of professional competence to engineers and architects engaged in the construction sector; determine the grades of contractors and consultants, and issue certificates of competence to those operating in more than one Regional States;

e) Design national construction enterprises strengthening strategy to ensure competence and viability; follow up the implementation of same;

f) Undertake research for improving the types and qualities of local construction materials;

g) Ensure the availability of appropriate organizational set-up, systems and human resource required for the implementation of building codes and standards in the cities; and follow up and support the implementation of same.

2. The powers and duties given to the Ministry of Urban Development, Housing and Construction by the provisions of other laws, currently in force, with respect to matters relating to construction are hereby given to the Ministry of Construction.